Exhibition, Experiences, and Reservation exhibition experiences and reservation

About exhibition

  • We lend audio guide devices to foreign visitors free of charge.(Audio guide available in English, Chinese, and Japanese.)
  • Individuals or groups of 20 or less persons can visit without any prior reservation on the homepage.
  • Please contact the museum in the case of a visit by a larger group.
  • Reservation is not possible for Mondays and museum holidays (Mondays, New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day holidays, Chuseok holidays, and Christmas).

About experience programs

  • Those who want to make reservation for experience programs can refer to the programs below and send an e-mail to the Museum Kimchikan (museum@pulmuone.com). We will verify the schedule and answer your e-mail. When you make a reservation, please inform us of an address or contact number in Korea where you can be reached (hotel address, etc.).
  • Kimchi making programs require reservation four days prior the desired date of program participation.
  • If you cannot visit the museum on the date of reservation due to unavoidable circumstances, please let us know by at least three days before the date.
  • The minimum number of participants in the kimchi making program is five. Programs can be cancelled if the minimum number is not reached. The museum will send you a notification e-mail in case such a cancellation is made.
  • The maximum number of participants in each program is 30 in the case of adults and 35 in the case of children. Please contact us by phone or e-mail address if a larger group wants to participate in the program.
  • Experience schedule may change according to group reservations made in advance. Please contact Museum Kimchikan prior to your visit to check the schedule.
  • Vegetarians, persons with food allergies or those with Halal food requirements are advised to inform the museum in advance so that alternative food ingredients may be provided.

Contact numbers and e-mail address for information and reservation
(Available languages: Chinese and English)

  • Hours: Tuesday ~Sunday 10:00 ~ 18:00
  • Tel: [Main number] 02-6002-6456 [Office] 02-2223-2573, 02-6002-6477
  • e-mail: museum@pulmuone.com

Details of experience programs

  • Entrance fee excluded (Adult 5,000KRW / 8year~18year 3,000KRW / 36months~7year 2,000KRW)
  • Children aged six years or above can take part in the programs.
  • We pack the Kimchi that you have made so that you can bring it home.
  • Experience programs are held in either English or Chinese, depending on which language the majority of participants understand.
  • Recipe cards in English, Japanese and Chinese are provided.
Title Fee (KRW) Duration Details
Whole cabbage kimchi 20,000 40min
  • Making of whole cabbage Kimchi, an essential side dish for Koreans
  • Every Thursday 14:20~15:00
White kimchi 20,000 40min
  • Making of white Kimchi / an essential side dish for Koreans in winter
  • Every Wednesday 14:20~15:00
Haru Kimchi(Oneday Kimchi) 6,000 20min
  • It is DIY program. (Self making kimchi, not a class)
  • You will make traditional red cabbage kimchi and are able to bring it your home.
  • The maximum of class attendees is 20people.
  • Amount of Kimchi what you will bring is about 400g.
Kimchi Gongbang Eco-bag 6,000 40min
  • A cultural and artistic experience using the motifs taken from Kimchi and the Korean dietary culture.
  • Use various stamps showing the patterns of key ingredients of Kimchi (garlic, cabbage, chili pepper, etc.) to decorate eco-bags.
  • Tue.~Sun. 11:00~11:40 / 15:00~15:40