Space meseum kimchikan building

① Kimchi Road 1

Information desk

② Souvenir Shop

③ Kimchi Madang

A Reinterpretation of the Culture of Kimchi (Main video)
Kimjang Play
Jangdokdae Seen From the Sky

④ Scientist’s Laboratory

Table of Fermentation

⑤ Kimchi Sarangbang

Special Exhibition Hall

① Kimchi Road 2

The Sound of Kimchi’s Flavor

② Kimchi Study Room

Birth and Evolution of Kimchi
Kimchi Documentary (Kimchi Video Room)

③ Four Seasons of Kimchi

④ Kimchi Storeroom

Kimchi in Korea
Exhibition of Pickled Vegetables from Around the World

① Room Dedicated to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Culture of Kimjang
Kimjang Scenes from Early Modern Period
Kimchi Archive

② Kimjang Maru

Cooking Class

③ Kimchi Gongbang

Arts Experience Space

④ Kimchi Tasting Room